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Travelling. Is there a job that just pays you to travel? Probably. If not, there must be an app for it at the very least, right? But I like the real thing, and what better way to document it than a travel blog? I suppose that would make me an aspiring travel writer?

So, I’m going to very proudly jump on to that band wagon and hope you find something interesting to read or look at here. I love experiencing what makes one city different from another, and that’s usually the food, people, monuments, and everything else from the camel in the parking lot to the crowded metro stations. They all add up to create something so unique and yet terrifyingly similar to wherever you call home. I hope you find some inspiration, enjoyment, or knowledge from my experiences, and I’d love to hear about your thoughts and stories.

One day I’ll have several hundred posts here with all the places I’ve gone to. For now, in the beginning stages of this new adventure, I’m excited to share my semester abroad in India from Sept. to Dec. 2014, among other shorter escapades. As with anything new, there’s much to be learned, and my first lesson was that travelling, studying, and writing a blog requires a bit more discipline and planning than I realized. As such, a lot of these posts will come weeks and months after the actual events as I go back through my journals and photos.



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