Rebuilding Nepal: Donate, Don’t Volunteer

“Remains of a government school in the Haldekalika VDC [Village Development Community] in Nuvakot,” about 150 km from Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu: Image Source: Huffington Post/Qazi Zaid

Fifty days down the road from the April 25th earthquake in Nepal, foreign aid and relief efforts begin to dwindle while the need continues to grow. In the weeks to follow the initial quake, aftershocks, landslides, and avalanches contributed to the rising death toll and hindered volunteers and officials from providing sufficient aid for the hundreds of thousands who were displaced. While exact numbers are unavailable, there have been at least 8,500 deaths and 20,000 injured.

Now, more than ever, Nepal looks to the international community for financial support to reach the estimated need of $6.6 billion for reconstruction according the government of Nepal. Despite the obvious need presented though, the solution isn’t to drop everything and fly over to lend a hand. The thought, however well-intentioned, is one that could ultimately do more harm than good.

Read the full article on Affairs Today here. 


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