Incidentally, I recently wrote a poem about monsoons, and for the first time realized during a workshop that the Western (American?) perception of a monsoon is so different from what I’ve always remembered and loved. These photos are absolutely stunning not only for their composition, but for the joy they depict – whether it’s the playing kids or the lush greenery of the mountains and fields that’s been revived after the hot summer. My trip to India was a sad one only because I didn’t get to experience a full monsoon season from my base in Delhi. But there were a few days there and in Jaipur where I was lucky enough. Driving through the huge puddles as it continued to rain, and even, on one occasion in Calcutta, dancing around the perimeter of the Victoria Memorial Hall as we got utterly drenched– it’s a kind of joy and relief that perhaps can’t be put into words. They can, however, be put into images, so thank you Steve for capturing an emotion I’ve struggled to share with my friends.

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