Food: Sikhim Food Stall

Sikkhim food stall at Dilli Haat, Delhi

Momos. And more momos. If you’ve never had these amazing things, then you’ve missed out. Originating in Nepal and Tibet, they are the cousin of dumplings, with (in my opinion) a tastier filling and thinner shell, leaving you with pure deliciousness. Travelling down through the Northeastern states of India which are bordered by Nepal and Tibet, momos have become immensely popular all throughout india, particularly in areas housing significant numbers of the Nepali/Tibetan/Northeast Indian diaspora.

Another great value for food place, you don’t want to come here alone or on a full stomach. Once you get over the bees that like the fruit beer just as much as you will, it’s a place you won’t regret, I promise. Even better is the prospect of perusing through the many handicrafts and other knickknacks that you can find in Dilli Haat either before or after your meal. Of course, momos are also available on many street-side carts all over Delhi where the taste is just as great, but if you’re not up to the trial and error process of finding the best ones, Dilli Haat is definitely the place to go.

Image Source: Ritesh Man Tamrakar

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