And so it begins…

The take-off from Toronto to Delhi, via Brussels.
The take-off from Toronto to Delhi, via Brussels.

I think its fair to say that until you’ve taken off, no journey has ever truly begun. Doesn’t matter how much you’ve thought about it, how long it took to pack (and pack, and maybe even repack), or even the insanely long line to get through security. It’s really all about that first tell-tale tone indicating a message from the pilot who greets you and tell you turn your phone off (that’s completely off, but nobody really listens anyway. What’s airplane mode for?). That’s when it hits. Or at least, that’s when the hitting starts, because really, nothing is quite as good as when you step outside of the airport that first time and just breathe in the new air. I know they say it’s the journey that matters, but I think we can happily call flying to places an exception, especially for us unfortunate folks who get to travel with their dear friend, Mr. Motion Sickness.

But that’s still another 8 hours away for me. Half my flight is done already and the next half is just about to get on its way. In just 8 hours I’ll be in Delhi for the second time in 14 years, and this time I’ll get to stick around for 4 month with SIT: Study Abroad, India: National Identity and the Arts program.

It was quite a whirlwind of a summer this year, and this last week was no less hectic. With the last day of my internship, a history exam, packing, pre-term essays, and guests at our house, I think the thing I’m looking forward to the most is a chance to do some yoga at the Aurobindo Ashram, where we’re staying for the first week. That aside though, I think I’m just about excited about everything. From the food and sights to my classes and home-stay family. I’m certain that this whole trip will be something I remember for the rest of life as one my best semesters during college.

It’s just about time to take that last stretch to Delhi. And so it begins…

P.S. Everyone experiences a country in a different way, so check out K.C.’s blog about her trip for a different take on the things.


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