The Best Mistakes

As a post high school graduation trip, I, along with two of my friends, spent a week in Paris. While not to the minute, we had a week planned out fairly well, with a good idea of where we wanted to go on which day. What we never factored in to our plans was Bastille Day. When we landed up at the Eiffel Tower, we were dismayed to learn that we could not go up the tower at this time due to the festivities about to begin. Distraught and slightly annoyed at the seemingly pointless journey to get there, we decided to join the shockingly large (and growing) crowd of people seated in the grounds by the tower. After a while, an orchestral concert began, but we were really too far to appreciate the music. Why were we there again? That question was answered at 11 pm, when the fireworks began. A fabulous show, unmatched by any other fireworks I’ve ever experienced. It was a complete accident, one that we quite literally just stumbled upon, but it was, to be very cliché, one of the best mistakes we could have made.


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